A natural deodorant for middle aged women

natural deodorant middle aged women

Alexandra is a woman of a “certain age” who is self-conscious of her body odour.  With a beautiful hourglass figure and large breasts, she believes her size makes her sweat more than other women. Whilst this isn’t necessarily true, confidence in her deodorant is paramount to overcoming her insecurities.

Alexandra has been using Bare You Natural Deodorant for a while and we’re extremely pleased to hear that she’s noticed several positive changes since making the switch.

1. Alexandra no longer worries about her body odour.

“Because the scent lasts me all day, I no longer worry about my body odour or how much I perspire while I’m around others. I’m left feeling fresh all day.”

2. Alexandra no longer gets rashes or discomfort when applying deodorant after shaving.

“My underarms have never felt as smooth as they do now. I’ve used the deodorant straight after shaving my underarms and the balm has soothed any discomfort and rashes I used to get after shaving.”

3. Alexandra uses Bare You Natural Deodorant as a soothing balm to stop and prevent rashes and discomfort from bras.

“Being larger-breasted, I have used the deodorant as a soothing balm for under my breasts. I no longer get any marks from my bra as the balm acts like a barrier between my skin and the underwire.”

4. Bare You Natural Deodorant is made from non-toxic and natural ingredients, Alexandra no longer suffers from breakouts, inflammation or rashes.

“With Bare You’s all natural ingredients, I feel comfortable and confident using the deodorant knowing that there’s no harmful chemicals on my skin that can cause breakouts, inflammation, or rashes.

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About Bare You Natural Deodorant

Bare You natural deodorant was developed after our founder, Maryanne, spent years trying to find a natural deodorant that was not only safe to be used by the entire family but was also effective and empowering. Made from the safest, non-toxic ingredients, Bare You offers peace of mind, keeping you free from odour all day long – no matter your routine.

How does Bare You natural deodorant work?

Bare You aluminium free deodorant works by using natural products to reduce bacteria that form under the arm and are the source of unpleasant odours.  Our essential oil fragrances are the second line of defence, masking odours that may be produced under the arm.

At Bare You, we believe that perspiring is a natural part of life and something we shouldn’t be embarrassed about. Whilst the odour produced from underarm bacteria can be unpleasant, our natural ingredients and essential oils help to mask this, giving you the confidence to undertake your daily routine without being self-conscious.

Bare You natural deodorants don’t contain chemical nasties like aluminium, parabens, phthalates, butane, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances commonly found in antiperspirant deodorants.

Bare You natural deodorant is hypoallergenic

Bare You natural deodorants are made from non-toxic ingredients that are low in allergens (allergy producing substances) making them safe for use by the entire family.

Coconut oil : Coconut oil is made by pressing the fresh or dried flesh and milk of the coconut. It is an edible food product that is also used in the production of cosmetics and detergent products.

Tapioca starch : Tapioca starch is an edible, gluten-free product that’s derived from the cassava plant.  Tapioca starch is free from gluten, nuts and grains. Many gluten free products use tapioca flour.

Shea butter : Shea butter is a creamy, edible product made from the seeds of shea trees. Unlike other nut products, shea butter is very low in allergy-triggering proteins. It does not contain chemical irritants known to dry out skin and clog pores.  Shea butter is suitable for nearly all skin types.

Jojoba oil : Jojoba oil is made by naturally cold pressing the seeds from the jojoba tree.  It is commonly used in cosmetics and is safe for use on the body, hair, scalp and face.

Essential oils : Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils are extracted from plants.  Common extraction methods include steam or water distillation and cold pressing. Essential oils used in Bare You natural deodorants include coconut, vanilla, jasmine, sweet orange, lavender, rose geranium, lime and lemon myrtle.

Australian owned, Australian made deodorant

Bare You is an organic, natural deodorant that is both safe and effective for use by everyone in the family – women, men and children. Our aluminium free deodorant is made from the safest, natural ingredients that will keep you protected all day long – no matter what your day entails. All Bare You aluminium free deodorants contains only the safest, non-toxic, natural ingredients including coconut oil, tapioca starch, shea butter, jojoba oil, and essential oils. Bare You natural deodorants are Australian made by a wholly Australian owned company.

And that’s why we think Bare You is the best natural deodorant in Australia!

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