Bare You Natural Deodorant. Australian women in business.

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When Maryanne couldn’t find a natural deodorant that provided her with all-day confidence and didn’t contain sneaky chemicals, she created her own.

After a series of health scares, Maryanne made the critical decision to remove as many toxins and chemicals from her life as possible – the first being to stop using antiperspirant deodorant.

After trying dozens of natural deodorants (and spending hundreds of dollars in the process), Maryanne couldn’t find a single product that provided her with all-day confidence. Worryingly, she found that some contained synthetic ingredients even though they were being marketed as “all natural”.

Unperturbed, Maryanne decided to develop her own natural deodorant and the Bare You brand was born!

Determined to only work with Australian companies, Maryanne found a cosmetic chemist based in Sydney.

At their first meeting, Maryanne presented them with her non-negotiable list of requirements:

  • only natural ingredients (organic wherever possible);
  • absolutely no aluminium, toxins or chemicals;
  • not a liquid roll on or aerosol (Maryanne refers to aerosols as “chemicals in a can”);
  • ingredients that offered other health benefits, wherever possible;
  • easy application;
  • all day protection;
  • a range of scents, using the finest quality essential oils, that would appeal to everyone’s taste;
  • suitable for use by the whole family – even children; and
  • vegan and no animal testing (human testing only).

Achieving all of the above took just over two years to perfect!

While, at the time, Maryanne thought they’d never get it right, she wasn’t willing to compromise.

The finished product is an Australian-made, natural deodorant that keeps users feeling fresh and odourless all day long without the use of a single chemical or toxin.

Best of all, Bare You is safe for use by every member of the family – even children and teens.

For media enquiries and more information about Bare You and Maryanne’s drive to create a product she’s immensely proud of, contact her at 0417-669-788 or via

Maryanne is a wife, mum and Nonna who grew up, and still lives, on the outskirts of Sydney.  She is a new breed of determined women shunning convention and initiating generational change.