Natural vegan deodorant Australia. No animal testing. No chemicals or toxins.

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Vegan deodorant. Australian made. Cruelty free.

A vegan lifestyle is not just about what you eat but also the products you use.  Australian-made Bare You natural deodorant is vegan friendly, using only natural ingredients with no animal testing.

Switching to a vegan lifestyle is a great way to reduce your environmental impact whilst promoting animal welfare. Many traditional personal care products not only contain animal-derived ingredients but are also tested on animals.  Bare You is a vegan deodorant that is completely free from animal products. Unlike other natural deodorants, beeswax is not used in any of our products.

Bare You natural vegan deodorant is suitable for anyone who wants to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetic fragrances.

Sweating is natural and our bodies do it to regulate body temperature and release toxins.  Unfortunately, a byproduct of sweat can be an unpleasant odour.

Traditional antiperspirant deodorants work by blocking sweat glands, preventing sweating.  Bare You natural deodorant neutralises and masks odour-causing bacteria on the skin.

vegan deodorant

Our vegan natural deodorant ingredients.

Bare You natural deodorants are made from non-toxic ingredients that are low in allergens (allergy-producing substances) making them safe for use by the entire family.

  • Coconut oil : Coconut oil is made by pressing the fresh or dried flesh and milk of the coconut. It is an edible food product that is also used in the production of cosmetics and detergent products.
  • Tapioca starch : Tapioca starch is an edible, gluten-free product that’s derived from the cassava plant.  Tapioca starch is free from gluten, nuts and grains. Many gluten free products use tapioca flour.
  • Shea butter : Shea butter is a creamy, edible product made from the seeds of shea trees. Unlike other nut products, shea butter is very low in allergy-triggering proteins. It does not contain chemical irritants known to dry out skin and clog pores.  Shea butter is suitable for nearly all skin types.
  • Jojoba oil : Jojoba oil is made by naturally cold pressing the seeds from the jojoba tree.  It is commonly used in cosmetics and is safe for use on the body, hair, scalp and face.
  • Essential oils : Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils are extracted from plants.  Common extraction methods include steam or water distillation and cold pressing. Essential oils used in Bare You natural deodorants include coconut, vanilla, jasmine, sweet orange, lavender, rose geranium, lime and lemon myrtle.

The health benefits of our natural deodorant ingredients »

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Transitioning from an antiperspirant to vegan deodorant.

When you switch from a traditional antiperspirant to a natural, vegan deodorant, there may be a transition period as your body adjusts. Your body may need time to detoxify from the chemicals in traditional antiperspirants.

During this process, it may appear that our vegan deodorant isn’t working or as effective.  It’s important you don’t give up!

After a few weeks, you should find that your body adjusts, detoxifies and you start to see the benefits of our natural deodorant.

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